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Community as a Technical Term

Has the use and definition of community become too broad? What if its use was restricted to signify groups of individuals who share a mutual concern for each other?

Are You Too Efficient?

If efficiency is a god, then I am a worshipper – front pew. But is it possible to be too efficient? For those that value efficiency, we are living in the best era ever. With smart phones on 5G networks coupled with countless on demand services, we can get anything we could ever want on a moment’s notice. I recently learned that now we can even rent friends. What more could anyone want?

What Does It Mean to be a Neighbor?

Nearly all of us are neighbors, i.e. we live adjacent or physically close to others. But not many of us are good neighbors. It’s an unfortunate reality for our neighbors, but also for us. Research indicates that knowing your neighbor reduces loneliness, increases trust and elevates overall well-being.

Stay With Friends

This weekend I am getting together with several of my closest friends. These are lifelong friends from college. We’ve been through a lot over the decades – from international adventures and weddings to the loss or physical decline of parents and other challenges life has put in our way. We live in different parts of…

What Will You Do with Your 8,000 Days?

8,000 days and growing. This is the amount of time we’re expected to live beyond the age of 65. It’s becoming increasingly relevant as more people wish to rewrite the script for retirement planning, particularly as compared to their parents. In some cases, it’s a necessity based on financial realities; in fact, more than half of U.S. workers plan to work past 65, the traditional retirement age.

Cool Uncle Russ, The Millennials and the Deli Shop

My uncle Russ, or “Cool Uncle Russ” as I called him when I was a youngster, has always been a favorite of mine. In the ‘80s, he wore cool sunglasses, leather jackets and listened to top 40 hits. And even though he and my aunt Donna do not have kids, he’s a professional at dad…