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Home as Health

9/11 was a life altering event. Like many of us, I can remember exactly where I was when I received word of the attack and saw live footage of the twin towers collapsing. It was a shock to the system. Soon after, pundits speculated how our society would forever change, including how many of us…

Who’s Your A-Team?

An interesting question: How can I successfully age on my own? How can I manage all that’s necessary, from housing to health to health care to finances to purpose and beyond, by myself? The answer: You can’t. Successful aging is a team sport. You need an A-Team.

Should You Move?

On average, people move 12 times over their lifetime. While the media has highlighted people moving, the trend may be overblown. Many of the recent moves may be people accelerating a decision that was already in the works. For others, a move may be temporary until life returns to normal. Regardless, should you move is something it’s best to carefully weigh, particularly as we get older.

Places Change

Places, like people, are not static. They change. Sometimes imperceptibly, other times more obviously. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. And, ensuring that you are in a spot appropriate for you, particularly as you age, may not be a simple exercise.

Intergenerational Fatherhood

I am a few years into the teenage kid stage of fatherhood and I’m working my way up the learning curve. But, whatever my strategy, it’s clear that just me won’t be enough. I need some reinforcements. I need intergenerational fatherhood. And, the thing is, I think elder fathers need it, too.

Commitment to Place

More and more, we are realizing that place matters. By place, I mean the elements of country, region, metropolitan area, urban, suburban or rural environment, neighborhood and, of course, physical dwelling. All considered, these variables can create an almost endless list of possibilities. But what if you intentionally limit your options? What if you made a commitment to stay in one place?

Where You Live Matters

Home is multi-pronged. Sometimes, we view it too narrowly, as simply our physical dwelling. Our single-family house, apartment, condo and so on. But the reality is that the country you live in, your metropolitan area, your neighborhood and your physical dwelling all combine to form your place. The coronavirus crisis is a strong reminder that…

Physical Distancing with Social Connection, Not Social Distancing

We are in unprecedented times. As of this writing, cases of Covid-19 are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. In the U.S., verified cases are doubling at a rate of every 3 or 4 days. Conventional knowledge, led by the contrasting experiences and strategies of South Korea and Italy, has been a combination of widely available testing and social distancing techniques. But this doesn’t mean we need to cut one another off socially. There are still ample opportunities to connect with people virtually or at a safe distance.