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Commitment to Place

More and more, we are realizing that place matters. By place, I mean the elements of country, region, metropolitan area, urban, suburban or rural environment, neighborhood and, of course, physical dwelling. All considered, these variables can create an almost endless list of possibilities. But what if you intentionally limit your options? What if you made a commitment to stay in one place?

Where You Live Matters

Home is multi-pronged. Sometimes, we view it too narrowly, as simply our physical dwelling. Our single-family house, apartment, condo and so on. But the reality is that the country you live in, your metropolitan area, your neighborhood and your physical dwelling all combine to form your place. The coronavirus crisis is a strong reminder that…

Physical Distancing with Social Connection, Not Social Distancing

We are in unprecedented times. As of this writing, cases of Covid-19 are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. In the U.S., verified cases are doubling at a rate of every 3 or 4 days. Conventional knowledge, led by the contrasting experiences and strategies of South Korea and Italy, has been a combination of widely available testing and social distancing techniques. But this doesn’t mean we need to cut one another off socially. There are still ample opportunities to connect with people virtually or at a safe distance.