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Lessons from Blue Zones

I recently spoke at an event hosted by the Capitol Hill Village entitled Designed for Longevity. One of my co-presenters was Harriett Jameson, a Landscape Designer at Michael Vergason Landscape Architects. She shared stories of her time studying the impact of environments and longevity in Sardinia, Italy…

Why Rent?

For generations, a key element of the American Dream has been to own one’s home. This mentality was ushered in at scale during the 1950s when the Federal Housing Authority created attractive financing that led to the suburban housing boom. These homes housed many of today’s 76 million Baby Boomers.

“Alexa, can you…?”

Amazon’s Echo/Echo Dot was the hottest gift this holiday season. Amazon refused to disclose the actual number sold but indicated it was in the millions and approximately nine times greater than last holiday season. Indeed, even our family now has “Alexa” in our kitchen.

Design Thinking for Your Life

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

As 2016 draws to a close, many of us will reflect on the year that was and the year ahead. For some, this will involve New Year’s resolutions. This was often the case for my family growing up. However, as one considers bigger life changes…

Relationships are the Cake

“Relationships are the Cake”

In a week, many of us will be around a dinner table with friends and family celebrating Thanksgiving. Along the way, it is estimated that close to 50 million turkeys will be consumed and certainly loads of stuffing, sweet potato casseroles…

All Hands on Deck

“All Hands on Deck”

A couple of years ago, when our youngest child was in kindergarten, I visited the classroom. It was chaos. Little people running around. Lots of noise. Even a little bit of stinkiness. It was more commotion than I was used to in a confined setting…

On Financial Well-Being

“Be Brilliant”

I stumbled across a clever TV commercial the other day. Ameriprise Financial created a set of “Passions” commercials which highlights people doing what they love which was made possible by good financial planning. In one commercial, people are living their…

On Physical Well-Being

“Do Your Best and Forget the Rest”

Catch phrases by Tony Horton, creator of the home exercise phenomenon P90X, still ring in my head. “Do your best and forget the rest.” “Bring it.” “Quality over quantity.” P90X, short for Power 90 Days Extreme, is a series of home exercise videos created in 2003…

On Personal Connection

Technology is Amazing But It’s Not the Same as Personal, Face-to-Face Connection

Technology is transforming our lives. In a moment’s notice, we can summon a ride, skype a friend continents away or upload our health data to a physician for immediate feedback.


It’s That Time of Year

This is commencement speech time. Some of my favorites are the fictitious “Wear Sunscreen” commencement speech from the late ‘90s (which was later tuned into a song), Steve Jobs “How to Live Before You Die” at Stanford in 2005…